What people say about Smos & Baby Bee

What people say about Smos & Baby Bee

We spoke to 25 befriended DJs, colleagues and promoters about Smos & Baby Bee. Here are some bits and pieces, find all testimonials in the book:

D'Julz (on the picture with Baby Bee; many moons ago)
They treated me so well, they are among the most wonderful people I have ever met in my entire life. I still regularly find records in my collection that they offered me.

Steve Cop
Both Smos and Baby Bee were extremely passionate and intensely involved in their jobs as DJs and music selectors. They belong, just as a few other DJs from that generation, to the true pioneers of nightlife in Belgium.

Raoul Belmans
Baby Bee definitely also pioneered as a female DJ in a male world. Calling her the mother of Belgian house is maybe a bit too far-fetched, but she always had some kind words or good advice in store for me. She was a silent yet essential force, both in duo with Smos as in our national house scene.

Mr. G
Whether we were playing, chatting or digging, we all were exchanging and learning from each other. To be fair they were both great DJs and like all in life we had our ups and downs.

Jan Van Biesen
Their record crates had this mystical aura. Much more than my own, theirs were truly a holy grail, a bag full of gold. I often invited them in my radio shows at Studio Brussel, especially in Switch, a show that helped emancipate underground electronic music on national radio. We broadcasted every Friday and Saturday for seven hours and Smos and Baby Bee performed multiple guest mixes.

I’ll never forget how musically well trained Baby Bee was. Smos and I were a bit more on the nonchalant side, while she could easily hear when we mixed for instance two tracks in different keys that for her didn’t fit well. This could lead to hilarious situations between the three of us.

Jacques de Marseille
For some years I held a residency at Café d’Anvers. I often ran into Smos and Baby Bee. They were always smiling, I was always very pleased to meet them. My friendship with them is forever.

Frie Verhelst
Smos was one of our store clerks and an essential element in the success of USA Import in the second part of the nineties. He was officially hired on December 1st 1994 and worked for us until December 31st 2002. We already knew him as a customer, he was a welcome guest with whom I instantly connected well.

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