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C12 photographed by Jeremy Gérard

C12 photographed by Jeremy Gérard

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Published by - words by Kong DJ.

Jeremy Gérard’s analog and hazy pictures have become C12's visual trademark since the club opened doors two years ago. First he was spotted on the dance floor or wandering around the dark spots of the club, camera glued to his body - even shirtless late at night. When he presented the first batch of pictures in C12's office on a blue Monday, the crew was speechless. “You’re hired” and the club's Instagram account became the perfect playground for his photographs. Showing but simultaneously revealing, they reveal exactly how the club wants to be perceived from the outside. A printed presentation was just a matter of time, given their timeless analog disposition. Published in June 2020 in the context of C12's crowdfunding and now separately for sale.

120 x 180 mm, 96 pages, hard cover, CMYK printed on 120g/m2 paper, limited edition.

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