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Rave Coloring Pack #001

Rave Coloring Pack #001

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The first ever Rave Coloring Pack is out!

It contains 47 label icons from the British breakbeat, hardcore and jungle scene to color + selected tracks to rate + a poll to share your opinions +++ goodies inside. It’s the number one book for legendary afterparties. To be collectively consumed.

Rave Coloring Pack #001 is a coloring publication that exhibits a collection of icons sampled from the 90s rave generation in the UK, right at the time when it exploded through music genres such as hardcore breakbeat, jungle, d’n’b, … These include a wide range of Amen break practices ! Most of them are logos used by famous (or less famous) record labels. Some were also found on mixtapes or EP covers. They show a global climate divided between youthful innocence of cartoonish figures on the one hand, and mad rudeboys carrying huge weapons on the other.

Made by Léonard Dufois
Printed at Kask & Conservatorium
210 x 297mm
Silkcreened cover on Munken polar 300 g/m
Interior pages on Munken Krisral Rough 120 g/m
Edition of 40
84 pages
Language: ENG

Presse-ballon is a brand new Brussels-based publishing house which specifically investigates music and electronic music genres, cultures and sampling practices through visual culture. In 2023 Presse-ballon will offer a series of unconventional publications. Some will retrace conversations with artists and designers who have largely contributed to Belgian nightlife history from the seventies until today, others will oddly invite ravers to improve their coloring skills, … Stay blown-up!

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